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Price : $100.00 GreatAds
25-08-21 20 Hits

For $100 we will take an ONLINE random 100 visitors to view your website for 5 seconds.

We will test their understanding of what they saw;
We will ask how much they trust the design; and
We will test on the the brand recall.

The test we do is by using a screenshot in order to control viewing time. 
They will not test the functional aspects of the site such as menu drop-downs or animations, instead we will test their perception, their trust on the outlook, and brand recall on your site.

Delivered to you are:
Online report output of such survey
Delivery time: 6 days

After your paypal payment:
Please use the submission form on this link to submit requirements.


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After your Order and Payment:
1. Go Back to this site
2. Submit details of proof of Payment "Transaction ID"
3. Use the link on the description of the project to submit details and documents.

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